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Sarah Jane Adventures Series Two

The Last Sontaran2 episodes, broadcast 29th Sep - 6th Oct 2008
21 May, 11 Jun 2008Forest Fawr Country Park, Cardiff unverified-
22 May, 10 Jun, 11 Jul 2008Clinton Road, Penarth recognisable2009
29-30 May, 16 Jun 2008Mir Steel, Newport unverified-
12 Jun 2008Brackla Bunkers, Bridgend unverified-
18 Jun 2007MOD Caerwent, Monmouthshire unverified-
23-25 Jun 2007Hensol Forest, Welsh St Donats, South Glamorgan unverified-
Day of the Clown2 episodes, broadcast 13th - 20th Oct 2008
17-18,25 Apr 2008Clinton Road, Penarth recognisable2009
17-18 Apr 2008No 21 Clinton Road, Penarthunverified-
17 Apr 2008No 36 Clinton Road (Garden), Penarthunverified-
22 Apr 2008ViTTC, Tredegar unverified-
23-24 Apr, 5 May 2008Cardiff High School, Cardiff recognisable2008
24 Apr 2008Windermere Avenue (Alley), Roath, Cardiff recognisable-
29-30 Apr, 1 May 2008The Paget Rooms, Penarth recognisable2008
2 May 2008Victoria Road, Penarth recognisable-
2 May 2008Penarth Station, Penarth recognisable-
13 May 2008Church Place South, Penarth recognisable-
Secrets of the Stars2 episodes, broadcast 27th Oct - 3 Nov 2008
18,25 Apr, 1 May 2008Clinton Road, Penarth recognisable2008
28 Apr, 12 May 2008New Theatre, Cardiff recognisable-
28 Apr 2008Crockherbtown Lane, Cardiff recognisable-
6-8,15 May 2008Parc & Dare Theatre, Treorchy, Wales unverified-
12 May 2008Park Place, Cardiff recognisable-
13 May 2008Albert Crescent, Penarth recognisable-
13 May 200813a Albert Crescent, Penarth recognisable-
The Mark of the Berserker2 episodes, broadcast 10th - 17th Nov 2008
22 May, 10 Jun 2008Clinton Road, Penarth recognisable2009
22 May, 9 Jun 2008No 21 Clinton Road, Penarthunverified-
26-27 May 2008Cardiff High School, Cardiff recognisable2008
27 May 2008A48 (Pentwyn), Cardiffunverified-
27 May 2008Torrens Drive, Roath Park, Cardiff unverified-
28 May, 10 Jun 2008Henllys Road, Cardiff recognisable2008
28 May, 10 Jun 2008No 3 Henllys Road, Cardiff recognisable2008
2 Jun 2008A4232 (Grangetown/Butetown Link), Cardiff unverified-
2 Jun 2008Dunleavey Drive (Roundabout), Cardiff unverified-
3 Jun 2008Churchill Way, Cardiff unverified-
3 Jun 2008Life, Cardiff altered2010
4-5 Jun 2008Cardiff Bay Yacht Club, Ely Peninsula, Penarth unverified-
6 Jun 2008Victoria Park, Canton, Cardiff recognisable2008
9 Jun 2008Playground, Owain Close, Penarthunverified-
18 Jul 2008Llandough Hospital, Michaelston-le-Pitunverified-
18 Jul 2008House, Bettws-y-Coed Road, Cardiffunverified-
stockCapitol Hill, Washington D.C., USAunverified-
The Temptation of Sarah Jane2 episodes, broadcast 24th Nov - 1st Dec 2008
16-17 Jul 2008Maelfa Shopping Centre, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff unverified-
21-22 Jul 2008Trefil Quarry, Tredegar recognisable2008
24 Jul 2008The Medieval Dovecot (field), Llantwit Major recognisable2009
24-25 Jul 2008Dimlands Road (fields), Llantwit Major recognisable2009
28-30 Jul 2008Church Street, Llantwit Major recognisable2009
28-30 Jul 2008Town Hall, Church Street, Llantwit Major unverified-
30 Jul 2008Clinton Road, Penarth recognisable2009
1 Aug 2008No 21 Clinton Road, Penarthrecognisable2009
31 Jul 2008Beaupre Castle, St Hilary, Cowbridge recognisable2009
31 Jul 2008Beaupre Farm, St Hilary, Cowbridge recognisable2009
Enemy of the Bane2 episodes, broadcast 8th-15th Dec 2008
30 Jun, 1 Jul 2008Trefil Quarry, Tredegar unverified-
2-3 Jul 2008Usk Valley Business Park, Pontypool, Wales unverified-
4 Jul 2008Wales Museum Collections Centre, Barry Island unverified-
8 Jul 2008No 9 Marine Parade, Penarthunverified-
8-9 Jul 2008No 20, Cornerswell Road, Penarth recognisable2009
10-11,14 Jul 2008No 21 Clinton Road, Penarthunverified-
10-11,14 Jul 2008Clinton Road, Penarth recognisable2009
15 Jul 2008MOD St Athan (Pickeston Site), Vale of Glamorgan unverified-
1 Aug 2008Victoria Road, Penarth unverified-

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