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Ship Lane

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Ship Lane
Cardiff, Wales


Access: publicStatus: recognisableAlley


«prev photo next photo»Photograph taken: 8th September 2009 by Chuck Foster

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Screen Shot
Filmed: 2006
The weevil runs down an alleyway.

Children of Earth - Day Four
Screen Shot
Screen Shot
Filmed: 2008
Jack and Ianto head to Thames House.


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Additional Torchwood locations as the crow flies:


Old Natwest Bank (Everything Changes, Adrift, Exit Wounds): 0.01 miles.


West Bute Street (Combat, Sleeper, Children of Earth: Day Four, Miracle Day): 0.02 miles.


Cymric Buildings (Sleeper): 0.04 miles.


Mumbai Bay Takeaway (Everything Changes): 0.05 miles.

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Combat [2006]: The Torchwood team follow the Weevil to a side alley.


Children of Earth: Day Four [26 Sep 2008]: Jack and Ianto head to Thames House

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