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Bute Street (south)

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Bute Street (south)
Cardiff, Wales


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Photograph taken: 24th February 2008 by Chuck Foster

Screen Shot
Filmed: 4 Jul 2007
A paramedic walks away from an accident as he 'activates'.


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Additional Torchwood locations as the crow flies:


Stuart Street (Day One, Sleeper): 0.02 miles.


Mermaid Quayside (Everything Changes, Day One, Cyberwoman, Meat, A Day in the Death, Fragments, Children of Earth: Day One): 0.05 miles.


Ba Orient (restaurant and bar) (Cyberwoman): 0.06 miles.



The scenes with the paramedic and the woman activating are inferred to be different parts of the city, but in reality the two scenes were filmed literally around the corner from each other by Mimosa!

Other show-related mentions for the location:


4 Jul 2007: Anthony Soraka reported: "I popped down to the bay this evening, there was a little filming going on with an ambulance round the back of mermaid quay (one camera, an ambulance and some actors). Didn't recognise anyone as they were all covered up due to the rain, and no pictures coz of the rain."

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Mimosa Kitchen and Bar - (seen on screen in Sleeper)

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Sleeper [4 Jul 2007] (outside Mimosa): A sleeper activates, leaving a patient he was attending to.

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