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11th June 1989 - Medway Parade

Medway Parade Location Report, 11th June 1989

Dave Parsons, August 2006

On a very warm and sunny Sunday in 1989 I went to see location recording for Survival, in and around Medway Parade in Perivale (I'd had a tip-off from a friend who lived nearby that Who was being made there). Scenes included the Master outside the motorcycle shop, Ace talking to a friend who had a collection box, and the outside of the grocer's shop.

I was there just about all day, so I was able to gain some appreciation of the long time needed to get just a small amount of footage in the can. The entire production team behaved calmly, yet there was a certain amount of tension in the air, so I expect they were pushed for time. It did not help that some onlookers thought it amusing to drop coins on the pavement as recordings were about to commence, the sound of which could have been picked up by microphones.

I'd gone armed with a camera and a few lenses, which prompted JNT to send one of his staff over to enquire where I was from. In my innocence it had not occurred to me that he might suspect I intended to take photos to make money from - a bit embarrassing. The truth was that they were for my own use only. I got a good photo of Sylvester in between takes; he posed patiently for people. I'd have liked to photograph Sophie too, but she seemed like a sex goddess at the time, and I was too shy to approach her!

The most intriguing bit was outside the motorcycle shop, where Anthony Ainley was wearing the contact lenses that indicated he was becoming like a Cheetah person. Even from a distance they were obvious to see. There was little clue from that or any other thing that was recorded, of any plot elements.

All photographs © Dave Parsons, and may not be reproduced without permission.

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