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Rupert Brooke Drive

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childrenofearth, 12th September, by Simon Watkins
They are filming at No 13 Rupert Brooke Drive, off Byron Road. The house has been altered to look like No 25. The Torchwood SUV was parked at the junction of Byron Road when I parked up for a quick look. A couple of neighbours were out of their houses chatting, gossiping making each other cups of tea, moaning about being asked to move away from their front gardens; "I can't even go in and out of my own house now", you get the picture. I have to say that the crew were actually very friendly and polite, however - but you know neighbours like to gossip. Anyway, GDL comes running out of the house, as two guys have stolen the Torchwood SUV and are wellying it fast down the hill (actually quite scarilly fast considering it was a bit wet). The passenger in the SUV flashed his arse out of the car window and mooned GDL. I saw them do three takes at this, and they're still there doing more now. Poor guy must be a bit cold by now.

Taken: 12 Sep 2008
By: Simon Watkins

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