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The Vicarage

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Filming at The Vicarage for The Eleventh Hour, 13th October 2009
Luke Walters: Matt Smith is wearing his own costume! and the TARDIS is the new TARDSI with the St Johns sticker, its in the exact same place as the Tennant TARDSI was, the house i think is Amy's house, as there is a swing set in the garden.

Scene: Matt in his costume, heads into the TARDIS and Karen runs after him at full speed into the TARDIS, then the fans started blowing and the TARDIS light started flashing (Karen was wearing the police uniform) then at 8, Karen arrived again and she was wearing a pink dressing robe and pjs with a lepord skin bag, Matt arrivies at 10 o clock and they are there filming untill 2 am tonight, and the lights are on full force making it look like day.

They finish filming in Rhymney on Thursday

Taken: 13 Oct 2009
By: Luke Walters

Taken: 13 Oct 2009
By: Luke Walters

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