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"Torchwood. Outside the government, beyond the police. Tracking down alien life on earth, arming the human race against the future.
The 21st century is when everything changes, and you've got to be ready!"

- Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood (series one)

Welcome to the Torchwood Locations Guide, a subsite of the Locations Guide to Doctor Who and its spin-offs.

This site is designed to be a guide to the many locations around the UK and the world which have been used for the filming of the series, providing details on how they were used within the shows, where to find them, and a comparison between how they look in the modern day to their original appearance on screen.

Our aim is to maintain an up-to-date database of locations and how they change over time, which means that unlike printed publications we can reflect alterations, demolition or name changes as they occur. However, being that there are some 438 locations in the database, this might be a never-ending task!

This means we depend on you! We hope to provide a community for location-seekers in order for them to organise trips to places themselves, and to provide feedback on what they find. Please send us any news, updates, and photo submissions for locations; we're also interested in filming reports, and also photos portraying places at the time of filming or or in subsequent years before they were altered/demolished.

Please note that this is a fan-run site, and is not directly connected to either the BBC or the production of Doctor Who!

As of 12th January there are 564 photos submitted, covering 304 out of the 438 known locations listed on site.
A selection of those photos are below (full Locations Guide list) - why not submit your own! (here is a list of locations we don't have photos for at present)

Latest News (for recent location updates click here)


filming details8th September 2008 - Back to the Hub!

Today saw Torchwood return to Cardiff Bay to film scenes at the usual hub haunts of Roald Dahl Plass and Mermaid Quayside, filming parts of episode. The Kinda group were on hand to witness the filming.

Update: an article on filming appeared in the Western Mail on the 9th.


filming details7th September 2008 - Cardiff Bay filming due

Reports have come in that a base has been set up near Pierhead Street this afternoon, which looks like it might mean that the Torchwood team are about to arrive at the Tower/hub once more! Fingers crossed.


filming details4th September 2008 - City Filming

Today saw filming in Cardiff's town centre along The Friary, which has ended up featuring as both London and Cardiff during the new TW/DW era! Being a lot of filming witnessed so far seems to be set in London, it is unsure whether its the case this time, though there were plenty of Welsh iconography in general about to make "home" Cardiff more likely!

The Brigade Leader has provided a report and photosfor the filming.

Update Friday: the South Wales Echo and Western Mail both report on filming with Eve Myles on St Mary's Street. And Josie has also confirmed filming later on outside .


filming details3rd September 2008 - Back to Penarth!

Having filmed at Hebron Hall in Dinas Powys earlier in the week, the team are back to the "local" haunts of Penarth, with a house on Plymouth Road in use for yesterday/today (the road appeared previously in Small Worlds as Estelle's street).


filming details28th August 2008 - Torchwood Filming for today

Filming is continuing at the Cardiff Royal Infirmary today, and is also expected to film at the AJ's Coffee Shop on City Road later in the day.

There are a couple of reports on site from AJ's, and a couple of photos from yesterday's filming from Alun Vega.


filming details27th August 2008 - Return to old haunts

Filming for Torchwood has returned to one of both its and Doctor Who's old haunts, the Cardiff Royal Infirmary. The interior has been used for hospital wards and like many times (most recently seen as outside the Royal Hope in Turn Left). As filming is inside, however, reports seem unlikely this time around.


filming details20th August 2008 - Filming at the Coal Exchange

Filming is continuing down at Cardiff Bay today, though this time it is all indoors at the The Coal Exchange, previously seen in Combat and Voyage of the Damned. Says I.C.: "there were quite a few (what look like) supporting artists going into the building at around 9:55am, dressed in smart clothes (suits basically). Now The Coal Exchange is currently closed. There is no business going on there, so putting two and two together I would guess that those people in the suits are involved with the filming!"

Filming is expected to remain inside the location for the rest of the week.


filming details19th August 2008 - Filming Begins!

Filming has formally begun (well first publicly seen!) this morning for Torchwood down in Cardiff Bay, utilising an old haunt of Mount Stuart Square, previously seen in last season's opener Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. A brief report and clips are available from Scott Frankton, I.C., and The Brigade Leader.


filming details15th August 2008 - Torchwood filming from next week

Torchwood Magazine reports that principal photography (filming to us) for the new series of Torchwood is due to start next week, from Monday 18th August. Time to get your SUV-detectors on maximum!

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